Arbonum Support Center

How to create and pay for a task in Arbonum?

  1. Select the Task section, the Create task subsection in your personal account;
  2. Select the service/work option out of the list that suits your assignment;
  3. Find a suitable Job in the catalog;
  4. The name of the service/work in the certificate is filled in automatically;
  5. Provide details and details of the assignment;
  6. Come up with a Job Title;
  7. Formulate the Job Description;
  8. Select a Job Group. You can leave it blank or select from the list, you can create a new Task Group with previously created tasks;
  9. Select a Freelancer for the task. You can create a task immediately after inviting the freelancer;
  10. Specify in the Cost field the amount of remuneration that you agreed with the contractor;
  11. Specify the due date for the task in the Completion date field;
  12. Activate the Copyright check box if the job requires the transfer of intellectual property rights. The contractor will have to attach the result of the work;
  13. Activate the checkbox Report required (if necessary);
  14. Download files if required by the job;
  15. Click the Save Job button.

The task will be created. The contractor will receive a notification message about the new task and will be able to accept the task for work, perform, and complete it. After completion, the status of the task will change to "Pending acceptance".
You can accept the assignment or send it for revision. After acceptance, you must pay for the job within 60 days.